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Step 1: Decide What To Wear

 In choosing your clothing, use the following outline. These are only suggestions and guides. Wear what you like best and feel comfortable in. If you like something else better than what we suggest, then wear what you prefer for your portraits.

 woman - Wear the colors and outfits you feel best in. For your more traditional looks, suits and long sleeved dresses will photograph great, so will medium to dark colored sweaters. If you like an outfit, it’s probably because you look good in it. So make sure if you’ve been told you look good in an outfit, or you really like it..... wear it.


For more casual photos, jeans look good with a favorite T-shirt, sweatshirt, sweater, or whatever you like best. •Avoid large patterns. Use a solid color because it will bring out your eyes and face. •Avoid sleeveless tops because they tend to exaggerate the size of your upper arm. •Be aware, it is difficult to create sitting and on the ground poses with sundresses or short skirts. Bring along cheer shorts or something similar so you will be more comfortable.•Most importantly, if you do not feel comfortable in an outfit, do not wear it. Your discomfort will show in your portraits.


Men - For the more traditional portraits, a suit or sport coat with a shirt and tie . A turtleneck also looks good . For the casual look00, comfort is the rule. Jeans, Cargoes, Dockers, Sweaters..... whatever you like! Solid colored shirts tend to bring out your eyes and face better than patterned, striped, or large logo T-shirts.


IDEA-Try to lay out all of your outfits and accessories the day before your session. This enables you to have everything you need ready. Make sure you remember shoes, belts, ties, hats, sunglasses, jewelry, and any props. If you forget it, WE CANNOT WAIT FOR YOU TO GO BACK TO GET IT.


IDEA- Dress in the style and colors of the room where you would like to hang a wall portrait. This will make a great accent to your room and will hang for many years like a piece of artwork.


Step 2: Know what you want

 T. R. wants to know what style of photography you like. You can show T. R. pictures that appeal to you. Please call us before your photo session day if you have any questions. We want to make sure you get portraits that you’ll love, and knowing what you want will help us to do just that.


WHAT IF IT RAINS? ...NO PROBLEM! If you want outdoor shots, we’ll make sure you get outdoor shots. Summer thunderstorms are usually spotty and short in duration.

Don’t be upset if it’s not sunny the day of your photo session. Overcast days can be better because it reduces squinting and shadows. Another reason is because the lighting is so even you can be posed essentially anywhere.



A suntan can be beneficial to your photograph but strap marks may not. If you don’t want strap marks in you photos, vary the type of top that you wear to hide them.

Strap marks can be corrected, but it is at an additional charge.


To Summarize

First, expect to have a great time, because you will! It’s OK to be a little nervous at first, but you’ll soon relax with T. R.’s easygoing manner and super-creative style!


Plan on arriving 10 minutes early to fill out paperwork and freshen up. T. R. will visit with you to find out which kinds of portraits you like best. Remember, we want you to have fun - being late will only result in your feeling rushed and less time spent on your photography.


Please call us at 724-462-1784 if you have any questions before your session.